We know our clients need to meet tight delivery times and for this reason we always support them with a large stock of the main bronze alloys and high tensile brasses in a wide range of sizes.

Wisco has 1,500 tons of stock.

All orders from material available in stock have immediate delivery times.

We have an automated warehouse which is unique in our sector with capacity of up to 2,000Tn which facilitates our stock control, locating the required material and consequently its dispatch.

Always informed…

You can consult all available stock in the clients’ section of our web.

You will have access to the technical information of each product so you can easily find the product you’re looking for:

  • Always available
  • Updated daily
  • Kg available for immediate delivery
  • Kg with date of availability
  • Round and rectangular bars with dimensions and alloys
  • Easily filterable

Personalised Stock Service

For those clients that need it, we can maintain a buffer stock in the alloys and sizes they require.

Cutting and machining service

  • We have 7 cutting machines for round and rectangular bars with longitudinal and transversal cutting capability.
  • We have 7 lathes for machining bars where required

All of this to satisfy the specific needs and requirements of each client: in lengths, widths, diameters and thicknesses.

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You can access our database as a client, request budgets and personalised solutions and consult stock.
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