WISCO Alloys (EN 1982)

We offer the highest quality tin, lead and aluminium bronzes and high tensile brasses with maximum performance in the most demanding sectors.

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Tin bronzes are some of our most demanded for their hardness, machinability and resistance. They are also known as red bronzes or leaded gunmetal. We offer a wide range of tin bronzes that comply with international standards.

Leaded bronzes offer excellent resistance to corrosion and have a high level of operational properties. Here you will find a range of our most requested leaded bronzes. We also manufacture bespoke alloys with the characteristics requested by our clients.

Aluminium bronzes offer a hardness and resistance superior to other bronze alloys. They are used in applications where importance of corrosion resistance is high and in marine environments.

These are alloys of copper and zinc that also include small percentages of other metals to improve their properties.

We offer a range of bronzes especially suitable for applications such as moulds for glass or embossing, marine tube accessories or valve and terminal components.

We manufacture lead free bronze alloys on request.

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