Purchase of Bronze and Copper

In Wisco’s foundry we recycle copper based alloy scrap and swarf to manufacture our bronzes and high tensile brasses that comply with the main international standards.

We ensure the quality of all our products by analysing, separating and classifying all the raw materials that arrive in our installations: bronze, copper and other elements obtained from different origins and processes.

Regular suppliers are metal recuperators. This source is complemented by materials obtained from bronze machining workshops and any other sources that generate bronze swarf and trimmings.

We use the following quality types in our foundry processes:

  • Coppers (of differing grades, formats and qualities)
  • Bronzes (cuttings and swarf)

We offer regular purchase with the most competitive commercial conditions in the market.

The prices of copper based alloys fluctuate according to the prices set out by the LME at any given time. Wisco Española guarantees, as one of the main European bronze foundries, current and competitive prices across all products.

We offer the possibility to purchase ex-works and quick collection of the material from your premises.

In addition, we have the logistical capability to import from any country worldwide.

We are a company which is an  Authorised Non-Dangerous Residue Agent by the Navarre regional Government and we are members of the Bureau of International recycling.

To request a quotation or for further information

Contact our purchasing department directly

+34 948 513 050