Continuous casting bronze foundry

Our plant has 11 vertical continuous casting machines and 2 horizontal continuous casting machines for the manufacture of our bronze alloys and high tensile brasses. This makes us one of the largest bronze foundries in Europe.

We offer quick turnaround even for large volume orders.

The machine workshop has CNC and conventional lathes, saws and machining centres to offer a comprehensive service to our clients.

We offer hollow and solid bars, tubes, square and rectangular bars. We manufacture multiple profiles based on our clients’ needs.

This manufacturing capacity allows us to offer a high level of flexibility in order to offer highly reduced delivery times even for large orders and a wide variety of bronze alloys.

Continuous cast bronze offers numerous advantages when compared to other processes such as gravity and mould casting.

  • Superior mechanical characteristics in terms of hardness, toughness and resistance
  • Elimination of pinholes in the material
  • Porosity markedly lower
  • Smaller grain size resulting in less wear

Our large production capacity is what sets us apart.

Hollow or solid bars and tubes
Maximum exterior diameter 345mm
Standard length 3.050mm
Profiles and rectangular bars
Maximum width 362mm
Standard length 3.05mm

Would you like to see our stock?

You can consult our full range of stock in our client section. It contains detailed information on the kilos available, shapes, sizes and alloys with immediate delivery.