International Service

WISCO is a multinational company that exports more than 90% of its production.

We are competitive in any country in the world and we sell in the 5 continents.

We are competitive in any country in the world

International standards

We manufacture bronzes and high tensile brasses that comply with the requirements of our clients worldwide and to any international standards.

Our standard catalogue comprises the most requested alloys with a more extended use in Europe. However we manufacture on request any bronze alloy or high tensile brass complying with any international standard.

  • ASTM
  • BS
  • EN1982
  • DIN
  • JIS
  • AS
  • ISO

Bronzes in Millimetres and Inches

We offer our products in inches and millimetres and with the local nomenclature.


Since 2010 we have a sales base in India (Pune, 100Km from Mumbai).


We speak your language

Our sales department is multilingual (Spanish, English, German, Italian, French, Portuguese, Hindi, Marathi, Indonesian…) in order to better serve the requirements of our clients. We have the logistical capacity to deliver to any country worldwide.