The Factory

Wisco Española is Grupo Wisco´s continuous and centrifugal cast bronze foundry. We manufacture and market a wide range of bronzes and high tensile brasses.

  • The most complete in Europe
  • 22 machines
  • Fast delivery

The Most Complete and Flexible Bronze Foundry in Europe

  • 90% of our production is for export to the most demanding countries in the world.
  • We have been in the market for over 50 years and today have installations of over 20.000m2.
  • Wisco Española is the largest bronze foundry in Europe in terms of number of machines and an international leader in the sector due to our large production capacity, flexibility, product quality and service.

We manufacture

  • Bronzes
  • High Tensile Brasses
  • Aluminium Bronzes


We have a production capacity over 18.000 tons per year. We manufacture more than 11.000 tons per year

Our installations include 13 continuous casting machines and 9 centrifugal casting machines.

The quality of our stock and this production capacity means we offer the best delivery times in the market.










WISCO manufactures and distributes different copper based alloys, fundamentally bronzes, high tensile brasses and aluminium bronzes.

We offer semi-finished products, bronze in the form of round bars (hollow and solid), rectangular bars, squares and different profiles based on client’s drawings. We offer finished machined products based on client’s plans through Mecauto.

  • Cylindrical product: bushings, bearings, joints…
  • Flat product: sliding plates, guides…

We manufacture the full range in bronze and self lubricating bronze