Technical Advice

As a fundamental part of our human team WISCO has highly qualified engineers that can advise on the right alloy for your needs.

We advise on the right alloy for your application.

In addition to the products on offer in our catalogue our technical department is available to design or suggest the most suitable alloy for any application.

We are able to manufacture any bronze alloy to comply with current international standards or with the specific characteristics needed by the client.

In addition, our commitment to R&D allows us to offer bronze and high tensile brass in new formats and profiles in accordance to the needs of the client.

R&D Policy

GRUPO WISCO understands R+D are strategically critical for the maintenance, development, and growth of the group. To achieve this, Grupo Wisco created in 2010 what official organizations have qualified as the R+D business unit, which is part of the Basque Science and Technology Network (RVCT).

Wisco has implemented an R+D system that promotes innovation as a management tool for the growth of the company.

We have joined forces and collaborate on several projects with:

Participating in international projects we collaborate also with top tier European centres such as:

Our most important projects are:

  • Continuous casting of complex aluminium bronze alloys.
  • Special solid lubricants.
  • Self lubricating bearings
  • Copper based high resistance bearings
  • Composites with copper base matrix
  • Liquid forging of copper alloys
  • Environmentally friendly alloys
  • High mechanical and spinodal property alloys
  • Low-lead content alloys
  • Thermal treatments in aluminium bronze alloys
  • Quick plasma heating
  • Study of bronze with graphite: New characteristics
  • Self lubricating bushings with graphite