Centrifugal casting bronze foundry

Our installations have 9 centrifugal casting machines. In the centrifugal foundry we cast rings, bushings and crowns of up to 800mm in diameter and lengths of up to 900mm.

The principal products of centrifugal casting are rings, bushings and crowns for gearboxes.

The centrifugal bronze foundry offers a product with superior characteristics to those of other processes

  • Less porosity
  • Smaller grain sizes mean the balance between toughness and ductility is more uniform
  • A product free from impurities
  • Dimensional tolerances adjusted on client’s request
  • Rough machining surface finish
  • Pre-machined parts

Would you like to see our stock?

You can consult our full range of stock in our client section. It contains detailed information on the kilos available, shapes, sizes and alloys with immediate delivery.